Cruising on the MV Moonta.

52 ancestors in 52 weeks. Week 28

The Gulf Trip as it was known was a popular 6 day voyage from Adelaide to Port Lincoln, up to Whyalla, Port Augusta, Port Pirie. It would leave Port Adelaide on a Saturday and return the following Friday. SA Memory tells us that the Gulf Trip was one of South Australia’s favourite holidays for over 50 years. Along with games and activities on board the ship, onshore excursions and tours of the towns were provided for the passengers.

Leaving The Church (2)


The Gulf Trip was chosen by Moira Joan COOPER and Edward Waller LOADES for their honeymoon.  Moira the first born daughter of Henry George (Harry) COOPER and Phyllis Moira COOPER nee NOSWORTHY was married to Edward Waller LOADES (Neddy) on the 14th November 1953. They were married at the Wesley Methodist Church on the Parade at Norwood. Their reception was at the home of Moira’s parents at Edward Street Norwood. Neddy was the the second born son of Edward Waller LOADES and Jessie May LOADES need HALL. Both Moira and Neddy were born deaf and had been at school together at Townsend House school for Deaf Dumb and Blind for a short period of time.

The cruise on the Moonta was chose as it was for 6 days, was highly popular and fitted within both their budget and also the time they were allowed off from work. Two photos remain in the family albums of the the honeymoon and show both Moira and Needy looking relaxed and debonair.

moonta menue
Breakfast Menu (4)

Unfortunately, it was not quite like that as Neddy became sea sick on the voyage to Port Lincoln and certainly swore off ships for ever.The menu from the Moonta at the time of their voyage suggests a long leisurely breakfast while cruising up the gulf towards your next port. I am not sure that I would be that interested in the tripe fritter or a madras curry. The breakfast menu of today would be completely different.

The last trip of the Moonta was in January 1955. She could carry 150 passengers and cruised at 12.5 knots.

The honeymoon journey while a short one was a favourite journey and holiday for South Australians for over 50 years and Moira and Neddy LOADES were one of the many that undertook that journey.


Moonta in Port Augusta
Moonta at Port Augusta (5)


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