#familyhistorymonth week 4 challenge

How have you celebrated Family History Month? I had a relatively quiet month, but on reflection believe it was a successful month.

Adelaide UTAS a Genie Group celebrated Family History Month

The University of Tasmania Family History group got together and had lunch to celebrate Family History Month and talk all things genealogy. It as been a while since we all got together and it was great to catch up with everyone.

The Genealogy Gem event for August was presented by Ian Smith on the book For Love Of Country. The focus of the book is on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders who have served Australia and who originated from South Australia.

The armed forces does not have a ethnicity category so much of the research was from word of mouth and then followed by family history research to determine where the individual came from and which groups they belonged. This was especially so for soldiers who enlisted in the Boer War and World War One as Aboriginal people were excluded from the forces. Of course this do not stop people from enlisting. An interesting piece of research.


Genealogy Gems are held each month at the State Library and are a collaboration between Genealogy SA and the Library. A range of genealogy topics are covered throughout the year. Two other talks were attended online: Customs and Excise, Coastguards & Trinity House Records at SoG and Using State Records online resources.

This year I have been volunteering with both the Pioneers Association of South Australia and Genealogy SA. For the Pioneers Association one of my tasks has been to do some family history research on William Younghusand for the 1842 retrospective that will be held later this year. I am working with a member of the association to do this. Trove, State RecordSA and FamilySearch have all been essential for the research and lots of information has been found.

Unfortunately little or no research has been undertaken on my own family history. I have developed a new Research Plan document and hopefully it will help to streamline the use of books and consolidate the research.

Hopefully you had a great family history month.

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