#familyhistorymonth week 4 challenge How have you celebrated Family History Month? I had a relatively quiet month, but on reflection believe it was a successful month. Adelaide UTAS a Genie Group celebrated Family History Month The University of Tasmania Family History group got together and had lunch to celebrate Family History Month and talk all... Continue Reading →


#national family history month challenge - week 3 My tip for Family History month has a focus on South Australia and the use of State Records SA. For researchers of South Australian Family History it is useful to remember the State Archives exist and that they contain a treasure trove of information to enrich our... Continue Reading →

Whats In A Name?

#NationalFamilyHistoryMonth How often did you think about where your name came from when you were growing up? As a child everyone in our family knew that our middle names came from people in the family. Who they came from was not always clear. The middle names varied from May for a Jessie May HALL (our... Continue Reading →

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