#52 Ancestors 52 Weeks Port Misery the more popular name for Port Adelaide, is the place where the majority of emigrants to the new colony of South Australia landed. It is likely that the commentary by T. Horton James in the South Australian Register in 1837 was the genesis for this name, which likely stuck... Continue Reading →


#52 ancestors 52 weeks - week 47 Copy of a page of the 1841 Census So what makes our research easier as we investigate each branch of the family tree. For it is these things that we need to be thankful for. The census documents from 1841 onward in the United Kingdom, Scotland and Wales... Continue Reading →

Random Fact – Margaret Ann REED

Old Bishopwearmouth [1] Margaret Ann REED was the sixth child born to John REED and Mary Ann CHAPMAN [2]. She was commonly known as Mary. This may have been because she was named for an older sister who had died early. The REED family lived in Bishopwearmouth, County Durham prior to migrating to Australia. John... Continue Reading →

Causes of Death

#52 ancestors 52 weeks  - week 43 In 1891 John REED is again in the newspapers [1], he had committed suicide. Yet was this the cause of death? The newspaper reports tell us that John committed suicide by a gunshot wound to the head [2]. This is not substantiated when you first read the Inquest... Continue Reading →


#52 ancestors 52 weeks John REED was arrested for attempted murder and committed for trial on 25 September, 1886. The prison record tells us that he "unlawfully attempted to discharge a loaded revolver with intent to feloniously and of his malice aforethought to kill and murder her at Exeter on 24 September 1886" [2]. John... Continue Reading →

Playing Cricket

# 52 ancestors 52 weeks week 41 Sport John Henry LOADES was the first LOADES to be born on South Australian soil. John Henry was born on the 25 July, 1855 in North Adelaide [2]. The family having only recently arrived in the colony on 25 April 1855 on board the Caroline [3]. John Henry... Continue Reading →

Ten Places In Devon

# 52 ancestors 52 weeks Week 40 During the past week I have spent time in Devon in the 1700's and 1800's as i follow the trial of the NOSWORTHY family. This week we will look at ten places where the family lived during this time. William NOSWORTHY his wife Jane DREW and their children... Continue Reading →

On The Farm

Week 39 #52 Ancestors 52 Weeks This weeks we journey to County Devon in England and the Nosworthy side of the family. Many of our ancestors on the maternal side of the family were listed as agricultural labourers in the 1841 and 1851 census. The few exceptions were in county Devon where they were listed... Continue Reading →

Closest To Your Birthday

#52 Ancestors 52 Weeks While there are a number of living relatives who have birthday around and close to the 7th of February, the relative I will be writing about died at the age of 15years 11 months. Leslie Howard LOADES born on 12th February 1880 at Islington, South Australia. Leslie was the one of... Continue Reading →

Family Legend

Week 34 #52ancestors52weeks Reginald Murray WILLIAMS is a South Australian icon. His leather goods and bushman outfitters business has become a world wide business. My father always told me that we were related to RM Williams, although I could never see what the link may have been. The RM Williams factory was at Percy Street... Continue Reading →

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