#52 ancestors 52 weeks - week 51 In between organizing for Christmas I have spent time pondering the topic of 'nice'. How could I relate the topic to my current research? Just what does nice mean for family history or genealogy. Then it hit me we like to have our research confirmed, it is always... Continue Reading →

Unusual Sources

Week 38 #52 ancestors 52 weeks State Records of South Australia has always been the place to go when looking for information that can verify and extend ones research. A visit to their facility a Gepps Cross requires some planning if one is the use the day productively. Recently, State Records of SA have teamed... Continue Reading →

Closest To Your Birthday

#52 Ancestors 52 Weeks While there are a number of living relatives who have birthday around and close to the 7th of February, the relative I will be writing about died at the age of 15years 11 months. Leslie Howard LOADES born on 12th February 1880 at Islington, South Australia. Leslie was the one of... Continue Reading →

Family Legend

Week 34 #52ancestors52weeks Reginald Murray WILLIAMS is a South Australian icon. His leather goods and bushman outfitters business has become a world wide business. My father always told me that we were related to RM Williams, although I could never see what the link may have been. The RM Williams factory was at Percy Street... Continue Reading →

Cruising on the MV Moonta.

52 ancestors in 52 weeks. Week 28 The Gulf Trip as it was known was a popular 6 day voyage from Adelaide to Port Lincoln, up to Whyalla, Port Augusta, Port Pirie. It would leave Port Adelaide on a Saturday and return the following Friday. SA Memory tells us that the Gulf Trip was one... Continue Reading →

Fathers Day – week 24

Although, for an Australian the date is wrong for Fathers Day, this week is a good time to reflect on fathers and my father in particular. Edward Waller LOADES known as Neddy was born on the 23rd March 1928. He was the second son of Edward Waller LOADES and Jessie May HALL. Neddy was one... Continue Reading →

So Far Away – Week 22

In my inbox this morning up popped a notification for a new DNA Circle along with links to two additional trees to further support the search With one of the members i share 13.8 centimorgans across 2 segments. With the other the match is higher 33 centimorgans across 3 segments. The common ancestors we have... Continue Reading →

Another Language #52 ancestors week 20

This two storey stone Victorian Gothic building features a central gable, topped with a cupola. There is decorative brickwork around its doors and windows, and a small balcony over its front door. A large ground floor verandah has carved wooden detail including an archway. Funds were raised for this building by William Townsend, M.P., the founder of South Australian Institution for the Blind, Deaf and Dumb. Building commenced in 1876 and was completed in 1878 at the cost of £4,289. [On back of photograph] 'Blind, Deaf and Dumb Asylum, Brighton / 1878-86'. This image has no known copyright restrictions. Please refer to the State Library's Conditions of use

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