#52 ancestors 52 weeks – week 51

In between organizing for Christmas I have spent time pondering the topic of ‘nice’. How could I relate the topic to my current research? Just what does nice mean for family history or genealogy. Then it hit me we like to have our research confirmed, it is always nice to know that we are following the right family line and have not ended down a family tree hole. This is where DNA testing can help.

In 2017 I decided to do DNA testing. The purpose was to find the where the two Irish women on my maternal side of the family came from. This brickwall still hasn’t been solved. While often DNA doesn’t lead anywhere as there any many matches with people who don’t have trees and have tested just to determine their ethnic mix. It is still nice when you receive confirmation that your research is following the right lines. Most often this has been research that has been Australian based.

So it was nice when i uploaded my results to Gedmatch to the following matches

DNA Match
DNA Matches [1]

The showed a SCOTT descendant matched both of my siblings and also myself and within 4 – 5 generations. What the DNA match did was confirm that the SCOTT line that i had followed to Wiltshire was correct. It is always nice to have your research confirmed. The SCOTT line comes from Jessie May HALL who married Edward Waller LOADES. Her mother Matilda Hibberd SCOTT married William HALL

Matilda Scott
Matilda Hibberd SCOTT data sheet [2]

Matilda’s parents were Benjamin SCOTT and Martha BARNES. Martha was the second wife of Benjamin

Benjamin Scott Data Sheet
Benjamin SCOTT data sheet [3]

What the DNA confirmed is that Benjamin’s father was James SCOTT and his mother was Mary PAPPS. The confirm came from another branch of James family. While Benjamin and his first family had migrated to South Australia in 1854 the remainder of his family had remained in Wiltshire. The DNA match was with a descendant of Eli SCOTT a brother of Benjamin’s.

It was nice that I was able to confirm that my research was going in the right direction. The sharing of information was nice as it added more bones to my research and more information about the SCOTT Family [4].

[1] Gedmatch Results accessed at

[2] Loades, C. SCOTT Matilda Hibberd Family Data Sheet

[3] Loades, C. SCOTT Benjamin Family Data Sheet.

[4] Additional information can be found on Eli SCOTT and his family at

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