#52 ancestors 52 weeks – week 52

So we have come to the end of the year and the 52 weeks. Writing this blog for the 52 weeks is one resolution that I have kept. Not always did I write weekly, but I written on every topic that has been set. Some of these have been more difficult then others. So what are my genealogical resolutions for 2019.

As always they are many and varied. I would truly like to break down the brickwall of those 2 pesky Irish woman Mary IRWIN and Ann WHELAN. To this end I will continue to review and update my DNA files to see if I can find any links.

For 2019 my focus will be on ensuring I have documented the research questions I want to follow up in August 2019 when I travel to the UK.

Researching the workhouse records for Clerkenwell and Minster Thanet in Kent are one of the priorities. Harriet BELL died in the poor house at Clerkenwell and it would be interesting to know when and why she was in there. Certainly at this time her husband Edward LOADES was not present on the 1851 census and no death has been found for him. If we can find more information about Harriet then we may solve the mystery of his death or where he could be.

The parents of Jane LAWRENCE also died in the workhouse in Minster in Kent. Looking at their records may help us to understand more about the Lawrence line that has not been followed much.

A trip to the National Archives is planned to look at the Merchant Navy records to see if there is further information about Thomas BELL who died at sea. The National Archives also hold a large number of wills, many that are not accessible online.

The major genealogy tasks between now and August are to plan those visits, determine the files that I may need to access. I will need to visit the following places the Society of Genealogists, London Metropolitan Archives, National Archives at Kew, Kent County Archives as well as the Cambridgeshire and Essex ones. To make the most of the time along with taking in the sights will require those research questions to be clear.

Or alternatively I could just wing it and see what happens.

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