#52 Ancestors 52 weeks – Week 1 First

Port Augusta to Adelaide [2]

After much thought I have decided that I will continue with the 52 ancestors 52 weeks challenge for 2019. My “first” is about doing something that I have thought about doing for a long time. Saturday was the first time that I stopped at a place called Redhill, about half way between Port Augusta and Adelaide, South Australia. I have often driven on that road and often thought I should stop one day and visit Redhill and in particular the cemetery. So for the first time I did. Redhill is not really a place that you would stop and visit.There is not much there to see.

Driving up and down the highway I would often think about the fact that Mary Ann Harriet LOADES was buried at the cemetery at Redhill. Mary Ann LOADES my 2X great aunt, was the eldest child born to Edward Waller LOADES and Jane LAWRENCE. She was born in the Finsbury Clerkenwell area of London in May of 1843. She was baptised on 12 Oct 1845 at Saint Luke’s Islington and the same time as her sister Hannah Jane [3].

Baptism of Mary Ann Harriet LOADES [4]

In 1855 Mary Ann along with her 2 sisters brother and parents migrated to South Australia on the Caroline, arriving in Port Adelaide in April 1855. The birth of 2 additional children John Henry in 1855 [5] and Richard William in 1858 [6] tell us where the family were located in their early years in the colony. The family moved to North Adelaide where they lived for a number of years prior to moving to Salisbury. The local papers of the time provide us with ample information about Mary Anne’s father, although little is known about her

LOADES Family on the Caroline [7]

On 3rd March 1863 Mary Ann married Moses SIVIOUR at Trinity Church, Adelaide. At the time of her marriage she was aged 20 and Moses was 29 [8]. Unfortunately, there is no Family Notices in the local paper to announce the wedding. Little is known of Mary Anne’s married life. The birth index provides us with a clue of her life and also show the movement of the family around country South Australia. Mary Ann and Moses has a large number of children with only the youngest dying as an infant.

  • 1864 William Robert Moses – near Nairne [Nairne 32/311]
  • 1866 Edward Moses – near Nairne [Nairne 40/568
  • 1867 Jane – Little Dublin or Nairne [Nairne 59/556]
  • 1870 Thomas Moses – Nairne [Nairne 82/394}
  • 1872 Henry – Nairne [Nairne 115/540]
  • 1874 Sarah Harriett – Broughton [Clare 143/349]
  • 1876 Mary Ann Harriet – Koolunga [Clare 177/208]
  • 1879 Moses -Koolunga [Clare 215/278]
  • 1881 John Henry – Collinsfield [Daly 257/337]
  • 1883 Margaret Ann – Hd of Koolunga [Clare 302/165]
  • 1886 Caroline – Collinsfield [Daly 371/408]

The newspapers of the day tell us that Moses became bankrupt in 1866 while working as a farmer and carter at Nairne [9]. Unfortunately, this was not the only time. As the insolvencies notice tell us Moses was illiterate and this was nit going to stand him in good stead through the coming years. The family along with the extended family moved to Koolunga / Redhill as land grants opened up. Where in 1882 Moses was once again in the insolvency courts while farming at Koolunga [10].

Insolvency Notice [9]

While living at Collinsfield in 1889 William the eldest son of Moses and Mary Ann died of typhoid fever. He was one of four deaths in the extended Siviour family at the time.

Mary Ann and Moses lived in and around the Redhill district for much of their life. Moses died in 1911, while Mary Ann died 18 years following this

Moses SIVIOUR Death Notice [12]
Mary Ann SIVIOUR Death Notice [13]
Moses and Mary Ann SIVIOURS Headstone at Redhill Cemetery [14]
  1. Feature photograph taken by the author – Redhill main street.
  2. Port Augusta to Adelaide Map developed by the author using google maps.
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