Unusual Name

#52 ancestors 52 weeks, week 3 As a family historian we often come across unusual names. Unusual names occur form many and varied reasons: mispronunciations, multiple spellings, Anglicization and modernization. Many names that we come across seem unusual looked at through a modern lens and there meaning has been lost in the midst of time.... Continue Reading →


#52 Ancestors 52 Weeks - Week 2 Challenge Any brick wall we have in our genealogy family history research is a challenge. Some of these brick walls last for years. The information may not be on the internet or the records could have been destroyed and of course the further we go back in time... Continue Reading →


#52 ancestors 52 weeks - week 52 So we have come to the end of the year and the 52 weeks. Writing this blog for the 52 weeks is one resolution that I have kept. Not always did I write weekly, but I written on every topic that has been set. Some of these have... Continue Reading →


#52 ancestors 52 week - week 50 On the 17th March 1928 in the Chronicle the marriage of Phyllis Moira NOSWORTHY to Henry (Harry) George COOPER was announced. Little or no fanfare was made of the marriage. There are not prior announcements regarding an engagement as one can see for Phyllis sister Gweneth when she... Continue Reading →


#52 ancestors 52 weeks - Week 49 This is an interesting topic to write about from the Southern Hemisphere when the day is predicted to be in the high 30 degrees Celsius. So I am going to write about the month of June, the start of winter for us. I have always seen the month... Continue Reading →

Ten Places In Devon

# 52 ancestors 52 weeks Week 40 During the past week I have spent time in Devon in the 1700's and 1800's as i follow the trial of the NOSWORTHY family. This week we will look at ten places where the family lived during this time. William NOSWORTHY his wife Jane DREW and their children... Continue Reading →

On The Farm

Week 39 #52 Ancestors 52 Weeks This weeks we journey to County Devon in England and the Nosworthy side of the family. Many of our ancestors on the maternal side of the family were listed as agricultural labourers in the 1841 and 1851 census. The few exceptions were in county Devon where they were listed... Continue Reading →

Back to School

Week 35 #52ancestor52weeks Back to school is a lucky topic as only a week ago a member of the extended family had sent a number of photos of my grandfather and his younger brother. The boys were all lined up ready for their school photos, much like the featured image. The photo was taken around... Continue Reading →


Week 32 #52ancestors in 52 weeks Rose Elania Tilbrook COOPER was the youngest daughter of Charles COOPER and Ann WHALEN. Rose was born on the 2nd May 1880 at Robe in South Australia and was the youngest of 9 children. The family lived around the Robe, Kingston Wangolina area. While Rose was the youngest she... Continue Reading →

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