Playing the Recorder

Week 29 – 52 ancestors 52 weeks Music

Music wasn’t a major feature in my early years. Nor are there any family stories of ancestors playing musical instruments. One person does stand out as playing a musical instrument.

Phyllis and her recorder group

Phyllis Moira COOPER nee NOSWORTHY was the member of a recorder group. She joined the group when she was a senior. She learnt to both play and then perform to others in the group. The recorder she had was twice the size of the recorder that my younger sister had learnt at school. My recollection of her playing was that she was not very good. This may have been due to the fact that she practiced with out being able to hear the recorder. Living in a small unit when learning the recorder meant she was always concerned that her neighbours would hear her practicing so she put paper in the window. This stopped the sound from coming out. Certainly not hearing yourself while practicing would make it difficult to develop your skills.

Widowed at the age of 62 Phyllis developed an active life for herself that revolved around travel, learning new skills and being active in the community.  The recorder group was one the activities that she took on and one that she enjoyed immensely.

Phyllis and her recorder group remind us that we can all develop and learn new skills, no matter what age.


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Recorder picture public domain CCO. Accessed 20th July 2018

Phyllis and her recorder group in the possession of the author


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