Independence – week 27

Was it for independence from his family that Herbert George NOSWORTHY moved his family first to Cooke Plains and then to Lake Cargellico.

Herbert George was born on the 1st of June 1874 at Black Swamp to George Drew NOSWORTHY and Grace DUFTY. He was the 6th child born into a family of 8. the family lived in the Yankalilla, Strathablyn, Bald Hills area until after 1883. After the death of his mother the family took up land grants in the Conmurra Lucindale area. They were quick to ensure that they had land for all the boys as well as the girls. The family worked closely together to develop the land and their perpetual leases.

herbert george weddingIn 1903 Herbert George married Rose Elania Tilbrook COOPER at the residence of her father of Mount Benson. Rose and Herbert made their home at Bowoka, Reidy Creek where they had three of their six children. Their daughters Phyllis and Gwen were born followed by  Francis.

Three years after the death of his father in 1907, Herbert began to sell off his property and his perpetual leases. Culminating in a stock and goods sale in early 1911. The local community of Reidy Creek held a farewell for the family that was reported on on the paper as the family moved to Cooke Plains. the land around the Cooke Plains was being opened up. Did Herbert see the move as a way to become more independent and not sees as being one of the NOSWORTHY boys who had been reliant on his father to establish the pastoral industry for Cooke Plainsthem. Cooke Plains was close to the family while still giving them all an sense of independence from the immediate family.  While at Cooke Plains Herbert and Rose’s second son Raymond George was born.

crossing low river bed

By 1918 the family were living at Lake Cargellico where Sydney the next son was born. he was named after the capital city of New South Wales. Their last child Ronald Maurice was also born here. The family had traveled to Lake Cargellico by horse and buggy and dray as they moved all their belongings to start a new life where more land was being opened up. Phyllis NOSWORTHY told the story that as they cross the River Murray near Renmark and Paringa they could walk across the river. There were no locks and weirs in those days  and the river was dry as they were in a period of drought. The family stopped at Paringa for the night and it was there that Phyllis saw dogs living inside and being a pampered pet. Her concept of a dog was that is was for working and rounding up sheep.

Themain family returned to Lucindale in 1924 after being prevailed upon by his family to return to manage the family property Albynside. Herbert and Rose were active members of the Lucindale community, involved in the church, on the Lucindale Council and the Country Women’s Association.All Herbert’s son worked the land some after a period away from it. Service in the army and police force were likely their way of achieving independence from the family and having time to themselves.

We will never know if Herbert George decided moving his family to Cooke Plains and Lake Cargellico was for purely financial reasons or a a way of defining his independence and also his skills as both a farmer and a manager. Herbert and Rose stayed in Lucindale after their wanderings and are both buried in the cemetery in Lucindale.

grandpa cooper funeral


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