#52 ancestors 52 weeks - week 51 In between organizing for Christmas I have spent time pondering the topic of 'nice'. How could I relate the topic to my current research? Just what does nice mean for family history or genealogy. Then it hit me we like to have our research confirmed, it is always... Continue Reading →

Random Fact – Margaret Ann REED

Old Bishopwearmouth [1] Margaret Ann REED was the sixth child born to John REED and Mary Ann CHAPMAN [2]. She was commonly known as Mary. This may have been because she was named for an older sister who had died early. The REED family lived in Bishopwearmouth, County Durham prior to migrating to Australia. John... Continue Reading →


#52 ancestors 52 weeks: week 44 Edward Waller Loades 683A enlisted at Keswick Barracks on July 14 1915[2]. He was single, 26 years and 8 months old, 5 feet five and a quarter inches tall, a labourer with brown hair and grey eyes[3] Edward commonly called Ted was born 16th September 1889, the youngest of... Continue Reading →

Causes of Death

#52 ancestors 52 weeks  - week 43 In 1891 John REED is again in the newspapers [1], he had committed suicide. Yet was this the cause of death? The newspaper reports tell us that John committed suicide by a gunshot wound to the head [2]. This is not substantiated when you first read the Inquest... Continue Reading →


#52 ancestors 52 weeks John REED was arrested for attempted murder and committed for trial on 25 September, 1886. The prison record tells us that he "unlawfully attempted to discharge a loaded revolver with intent to feloniously and of his malice aforethought to kill and murder her at Exeter on 24 September 1886" [2]. John... Continue Reading →

Playing Cricket

# 52 ancestors 52 weeks week 41 Sport John Henry LOADES was the first LOADES to be born on South Australian soil. John Henry was born on the 25 July, 1855 in North Adelaide [2]. The family having only recently arrived in the colony on 25 April 1855 on board the Caroline [3]. John Henry... Continue Reading →

Unusual Sources

Week 38 #52 ancestors 52 weeks State Records of South Australia has always been the place to go when looking for information that can verify and extend ones research. A visit to their facility a Gepps Cross requires some planning if one is the use the day productively. Recently, State Records of SA have teamed... Continue Reading →

Closest To Your Birthday

#52 Ancestors 52 Weeks While there are a number of living relatives who have birthday around and close to the 7th of February, the relative I will be writing about died at the age of 15years 11 months. Leslie Howard LOADES born on 12th February 1880 at Islington, South Australia. Leslie was the one of... Continue Reading →


#52 Ancestor 52 Weeks - week 36 The trade of carpenter was passed down through the LOADES family. Edward Waller LOADES born at the turn of the 19th century was apprenticed to Joseph Eastmure, Thomas Howes, Randal Hodkinson, John and Edward Wilcox Howes in Great Yarmouth. He completed his apprenticeship in 1820 and was admitted... Continue Reading →

Family Legend

Week 34 #52ancestors52weeks Reginald Murray WILLIAMS is a South Australian icon. His leather goods and bushman outfitters business has become a world wide business. My father always told me that we were related to RM Williams, although I could never see what the link may have been. The RM Williams factory was at Percy Street... Continue Reading →

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