#52 Ancestors 52 Weeks – Week 7

On the 4th November 1865 the South Australian Register published the death notice of Jane LOADES the beloved wife of Mr E. W. LOADES. At the time of her death Jane was 45 years old and died of a lingering illness. That is all the paper tells. So who was Jane LOADES.

Marriage Certificate Edward LOADES and Jane LAWRENCE [2]

The marriage certificate from Saint Pancras Church tell us Jane was a LAWRENCE and that her father was William LAWRENCE a farmer. The marriage was performed after Banns, so we could assume that Jane and Edward has been courting. The 1851 census tells us that Jane was born in Saint Nicholas in Kent.

1851 Census [3]
Jane LAWRENCE Baptism Record [4]

Jane LAWRENCE was baptised on 26th November 1820 and her parents were Mary and William LAWRENCE. The baptismal record lists her father as a labourer, while her marriage certificate states that he was a farmer. one could assume that he was a farm labourer and a slight exaggeration was made at the time of her marriage. Certainly, both Jane and Edward could read and write as is evidenced by the marriage certificate.

There are no stories in the family of how Edward and Jane met. We know they were both living in the area around Clerkenwell at the time of their marriage. Edward had moved to London prior to the 1841 census and had been living and working as a carpenter [5]. There are a number of Jane Lawrences living around Clerkenwell and Saint Pancras in 1841 but there is nothing that clearly defines which Jane LAWRENCE married Edward LOADES. One can only assume that they met in and around the Clerkenwell area fell in love and married.

The 1851 Census tells us that Jane and Edward had 4 children. There were to have a further 2 sons after they arrived in the colony of South Australia. In 1855 the family emigrated to South Australia [6]. By the 1860’s the family had established themselves at Salisbury [7]. Jane LOADES died in 1865 of disease of the heart, her death certificate lists her as “Wife of Edward Waller LOADES, Carpenter” [8].

Jane was buried in the Hephzibah Primiive Methodist Church Burial Ground [9]. Edward was buried in the same plot in 1889. Edward had married a second time after the death of Jane, so maybe she was the love of his life

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