Family Photo

#52 Ancestors 52 Weeks – Week 8

Family photo’s are few and far between in the LOADES Family. Rarely, will you find a family photo that has everyone in the family in the photo. For the immediate family there are school photos, photos of different stages of different members of the family as they are growing and win awards or trophies for sporting events. Rarely will you find family portraits.

A number of older family albums and photos exist. Of some of the photos there is no sense of who they are or where they fit within the family. The photo below is one family portrait, that we do have. It is a photo of my mother’s family taken between 1947 to 1952. The four eldest children are those pictured in the featured image. Of the five children born to Henry George COOPER and Phyllis Moira NOSWORTHY two are living today. My mother Moira Joan COOPER and her youngest sister Marion Grace COOPER.

Cooper Family [2]

I am note sure what the occasion was for the photo, but certainly all are looking their very best. One imagines that either the family were ready to head out to an event as a family or they were at an event when there was a professional photographer available.

  1. Feature Imagine Cooper Family Photo taken in 1930″s likely in and around Lucindale, South Australia. Photo in the possession of the Author
  2. Cooper Family Photograph late 1940’s early 1950’s

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