Lucky #52 ancestors week 11

When we look through the family tree to see who was lucky, nothing immediately jumps out. Yet, all branches of the family tree had arrived in the colony of South Australia by the mid 1860’s. All came seeking a better life. Did they achieve this? One can only assume so, as the family still exists today. Today the post will focus on Edward Waller LOADES (one of the many).

apprentice records

Freeman of the Borough of Great Yarmouth, submission for Edward’s father Edward Waller LOADES in 1820.

Edward Waller LOADES was born to Edward Waller LOADES and Harriet BELL in 1819 and baptized on 8th May 1819 in Saint Nicholas Church, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Edward became a carpenter builder, we can only assume that he learnt his trade from his father who was a carpenter as well. The family moved from Great Yarmouth to London in the late 1820’s and lived around the Clerkenwell area.

DSCN0242 Saint Pancras Church Jane LAWRENCE and Edward LOADES were married here in the chapel in October, 1842.

By 1854 Edward LOADES was married to Jane LAWRENCE and had four children, Mary Ann Harriet, Hannah Jane, Harriet Waller and Edward Waller. This year they decided to emigrate to the colony of South Australia. His mother had died earlier in 1854 in the workhouse. The family set sail for the South Australia in January 1855 on the Caroline arriving at Port Adelaide on 25th April 1855. The family had a few hard years on arrival in South Australia but by 1858 they were living in Salisbury and Edward had set up a carpentry shop and began working as a carpenter builder. Two additional children had been born at this time John Henry and Richard William

Articles in the newspapers provide a glimpse of Edward LOADES, we can see the contracts that he won over time as a builder, his members of the Oddfellows Society, undertaking the role of temporary clerk for the Salisbury Council. A review of the Lands Titles Office provides an insight into the lands that he purchased over his lifetime and his will also provides us with an insight into what he achieved.


Saint Nicholas Church, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk where the LOADES family first came from.

So was it luck or was it hard work. I would suggest that it was a combination of both luck and hard work. Not all settlers to the colony of South Australia were successful and many tried their luck on the gold fields of the Eastern states. Edward LOADES moved his family across the world and hoped for a better life and through a combination of luck and hard work he was able to overcome adversity to have a successful life.


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