#52ancestors52weeks Week 3

Having found a box of treasurers in 2021 see “Treasurers in Hiding” I have spent some time sorting through the postcards to see who are they from and who they were sent to. They have now been stored in a archival sleeves in a safe cardboard box for storage. I still go back and look at time to see what else I can glean about the NOSWORTHY aunts. There are a number of photographs of people I have never heard of. One such photo I came across was named and dated on the back as Donald Robert Cole, 1 year 5 months.

Photo of Donald Robert COLE in the possession of the author [1]

So who was Donald Robert Cole and why would there be a photo of him? Donald Robert COLE was born on October 6, 1926 at Naracoorte [2]. His parents were William Robert COLE and Maud Jane NEWSOME [2].

From discussions with my mother that Mr Cole was a Methodist Minister and that he had been working in the district. He had also visit her grandparents at Lake Cargellico with the news that Uncle Frank was ill. Her mother talked about his visit and how all the children were hoping that the gecko on the roof would fall on him as he was talking. Geckos were able to get in and out of the house as there was no ceiling and only a ceiling with rafters. As a child she stayed with the Cole Family when they were living in Norwood at times when she couldn’t go home for the short school holidays from the School for the Deaf.

Marbled Gecko [3]

William COLE married Maud NEWSOM on the January 5, 1918 at the Norwood Christ Church [4]. The Australian Electoral Rolls, 1903 – 1980 show that William was a minister of religion and worked in a range of districts including Broken Hill, Saddleworth, Bordertown and Naracoorte [5]. This information explains why there was a connection. Esther GOULD nee NOSWORTHY and her sisters Eva and Edith were very involved in the Methodist Church. All of them ran and taught the Sunday School programs at both Lucindale and Conmurra (see Maiden Aunt and Next to Last – Esther Ann for further information).

Further search found a family photo that the Cole Family had sent prior to to Donald’s birth. On the back the inscription states: With love from us all Jack, Muriel M&W Cole, Dec. 1925.

The Cole Family 1925 – Maud, Jack, William and Muriel [6]
  1. Photo of Donald Robert COLE in the possession of the author.
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  6. Photo of the Cole Family in 1925.

Feature photo – Old Church in Lucindale, taken by the author, October 1921.

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    1. I know that he joined the forces during World War 2, from what I can find it appears he returned to Australia, but records become sparse due to his age and there isn’t anything on TROVE the newspaper archive that I can find.

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  1. Beautiful photos Clare! We used to rent a house from a Graham Nosworthy in Brisbane years ago. He had beautiful orchids in the tree in the garden and a big greenhouse as well.


  2. Your great grandparents in Lake cargellico would have know John’s grandfather, Harry Moxon who ran a cycle shop, the first silent picture theatre (1922) and built the velodrome with the help of John’s father Bert. He was a cranky old man, we were told by locals


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