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#52 Ancestors 52 Weeks

Rose Elania Tilbrook COOPER. Family photo (1)

I am sure our favourite photos change over time, as we discover new ones or when we discover new information.

Rose Elania Tilbrook COOPER my great grandmother was known in the family as big grandma. Where the name Rose came from is lost in time, we know that she was named Elania from her mothers middle name and TILBROOK was her paternal grandmothers maiden name. I don’t remember her, but my mother talks about using two walking sticks when she was older as she had a knee operation. I am sure a knee replacement in the 1950’s is not like they are today.

Rose was the youngest child of Charles COOPER and Ann WHELAN. She was born in Robe, South Australia on May 2nd 1880 (2). The family lived around Robe, Wangolina, Mount Benson in the South East with Charles working in a range of jobs building dry stone walls, stripping wattle bark, shearing and working as an agricultural labourer (3).

Rose attended school at Wangolina, she was the first pupil enrolled in the school. The school was first opened in 1887 and Miss Effie Vienn was the first teacher in the school (4).

Rose NOSWORTHY nee COOPER at the Wangolina School Reunion. Photo from Kingston SE History Museum (5).

Rose married Herbert George NOSWORTHY at her fathers residence in Wangolina on the May 7, 1903 (6). Rose and Hebert worked the family property at Mount Benson and Wangolina prior to moving to Cookes Plains and Lake Cargellico. Rose and Hebert returned to Lucindale with their family around 1924 to work the family property of Albynside.

Rose died in 1960 and is buried at Lucindale with her husband (7).

Grave site of Rose NOSWORTHY nee COOPER and her husband Hebert, Lucindale Cemetery (8).
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