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# 52 Ancestors 52 Weeks

Trinity Church North Terrace Adelaide is an institution is South Australia. Sitting on the corner of Morphett Street and North Terrace it is one of the first churches in South Australia. The foundation stone was laid by Governor Hindmarsh on 26 January 1838 [1]. For anyone with family who arrived in the early years of the settlement of South Australia Trinity Church is likely to feature in your family history.

Thomas GIBBS Marriage Record [2]

The first record that I find relating to the LOADES family history is the marriage of Thomas GIBBS to Mary IRVING. at the time Thomas was a 41 year old widower and Mary was a 19 year old Irish migrant. There is some doubt about whether Mary’s surname was IRVING or IRWIN. Did the Irish accent mean that the name was written incorrectly. Certainly Mary couldn’t read or sign her own name at the time. The family legend is that Thomas was looking for a carer for his children when he hired Mary. When she realized that he had children older than her she refused to go with him unless he married her. One is not sure how true this story is. Certainly he did have children who were adults and who were getting married around the same time. Mary had not long been in Australia and is likely to have arrived on the Trafalgar in 1854 before marrying Thomas in 1855 [2]. By the end of the year the family had moved to the South East.

Thomas’ eldest daughter was also married at Trinity Church in 1847 [3].

Marriage Notice

Two LOADES weddings were held at Trinity Church. Mary Ann LOADES to Moses SIVIOUR in 1863 [4] and the marriage of Edward Waller LOADES to his second wife Mary Jane BLUNT nee SEATON in 1871 [5].

Trinity Church less than 5 kilometers from where I live has a place in the story of the family. This would be the case for many South Australian families.

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[2] Image of the Parish Register taken by the author. Church record: 2640, p. 209 microfiche

[3] BDM Adelaide 2/159

[4] South Australian Districts Marriage Certificate Transcripts 53/253

[5] South Australian Districts Marriage Certificate Transcripts 87/502

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