Treasures in Hiding

A task I had set myself was to clean up the book cases in the spare room. I thought the book cases were just full of my old teaching materials and that most would go to the skip. When I started to clear the out I found the suitcase. A quick look showed a treasure... Continue Reading →

Close to Home

# 52 Ancestors 52 Weeks Trinity Church North Terrace Adelaide is an institution is South Australia. Sitting on the corner of Morphett Street and North Terrace it is one of the first churches in South Australia. The foundation stone was laid by Governor Hindmarsh on 26 January 1838 [1]. For anyone with family who arrived... Continue Reading →


#52 Ancestors 52 Weeks - Week 2 Challenge Any brick wall we have in our genealogy family history research is a challenge. Some of these brick walls last for years. The information may not be on the internet or the records could have been destroyed and of course the further we go back in time... Continue Reading →

Back to School

Week 35 #52ancestor52weeks Back to school is a lucky topic as only a week ago a member of the extended family had sent a number of photos of my grandfather and his younger brother. The boys were all lined up ready for their school photos, much like the featured image. The photo was taken around... Continue Reading →

Black Sheep – is he or isn’t he?

Was he or wasn't he the black sheep of the family? Certainly, when family members talked about him they had whispered conversations and used words like Remittance Man, harsh and cruel. Will we ever know the truth about Thomas GIBBS or will it be lost in the mist of time. Thomas GIBBS was born on... Continue Reading →

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