#52 ancestors 52 weeks – Week 49

This is an interesting topic to write about from the Southern Hemisphere when the day is predicted to be in the high 30 degrees Celsius. So I am going to write about the month of June, the start of winter for us.

I have always seen the month of June as being the month of death and funerals. Was this the result of both my maternal grandparents and father dying and being buried in the month of June? I am not sure. To see if June was the month of death and funerals I followed the direct descendants back on my mothers line.

The following people died and were buried during the month of June:

Edward Waller LOADES known as Neddy, 23 March 1928 – 6 June 1985. Father

Henry George COOPER known as Harry,  2 Jan 1905 – 28 June 1966. Maternal grandfather

Phyllis Moira COOPER nee NOSWORTHY 9 May 1904 – 21 June 1984. Maternal grandmother.

Herbert George NOSWORTHY 1 June 1874 – 22 June 1954. Maternal great grandfather

Grace NOSWORTHY nee DUFTY about 1839 – 22 June 1883. Great great grandmother, maternal side of the family

John COOPER, 1817 – 29 June 1896. Great great great grandfather  maternal side of the family.

On reflection June isn’t the months of deaths that it would appear. The death of a parent and grand parents in the same month, change our perception of the world. While my grandparents and father died a long time ago now, I still see the month of June the beginning of our winter as a the month of death and funerals.

Photos in the possession of the writer.

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