Week 17 “52 ancestors 52 weeks”

Visiting the cemetery is not a high priority. Yet when we travel we often by chance or desire visit a cemetery.

Gallipoli – The poignant row upon row of graves that mark the burial of the youth of Australia at Lone Pine and Anzac Cove. An there among them is the grave of one you may know John Simpson.

Berlin –  All that remains of a Jewish Burial ground that was desecrated during the war, along with being a site that marks the death of Jewish people during this time.

London – Places that provide a space for quiet contemplation or a place of rest, that we come upon unexpectedly.

St Pancras Old Church and St Nicholas Great Yarmouth – where you just might find a relative buried in the grounds.

Widecome-in-the-Moor, Dartmoor – where it was rainy and dull and right time to take photo.

Glasgow Necropolis – finding the graves of Knox and William Miller author of Wee Willie Winki, that we all remember from our childhood

Pere-Lachaise Cemetery Paris – where you find the rich, the famous, the literary, the musical and monuments to groups of people killed through war.

Cemeteries places of beauty, of contemplation and of the past. Places that are enduring and visited for a variety of reasons.


All photos were taken by the author over a number of years.


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  1. I personally love a good wander through a cemetery, love the self guided tours at the West Terrace cemetery and have visited many wonderful cemeteries overseas, love reading your posts, well done Claire


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