Favourite Name #52 ancestors52 weeks Challenge”.

I am not sure that I have found a favourite Name while researching family history. What I have found is names that are repeated overtime within the family either intentionally or unintentionally.

In my own family were were all given a middle name that was from the our grandparents or great grandparents. My middle name Rosemary came from two great grandparents Rose from Rose Elania Tilbrook NOSWORTHY nee COOPER and Margaret LOADES nee REED who was always called Mary. When my sister called her son Benjamin I am sure she was aware of Benjamin HALL who was our great great grandfather. Or when my brother named his daughter Eleanor that he was aware of Eleanor PRECIOUS nee DISS born in 17 her 8th great grandmother. As you search through the family trees you find names that are favoured within families and across generations.

You also find the intentional use of a name. My brother is the 6th generation to have Edward Waller in his name. Unlike the other 5 generations these are his middle names. In the preceding 5 generations Edward Waller LOADES has been used as a name for one male child in the family. Waller as a middle name has been spelt either was Waller or Walla. The use of Waller has always been intriguing and what started me on the search for more information about the LOADES family. Where did the name come from as one would assume that it is a surname, that is has been used over generations gives the name significance. Yet no evidence has been found as to the origin of the name.

The baptismal records from St Nicholas Great Yarmouth, Norfolk tell us that all the children born to Edward LOADES (LOADS) and Harriet BELL were named with Waller as a middle name. Edward LOADES also used Waller as a middle name as was evidenced by his admission to the city of Great Yarmouth. Mary Ann Waller LOADES his youngest daughter also used Waller as middle name for her children. All of this suggests that in the early 1800’s that name Waller had some significance to the LOADES family. Determining who the parents of Edward LOADES (LOADS) May solve the mystery. Unfortunately this is currently a brick wall.


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