In The Census – #52ancestors52weeks

Edward Waller LOADES was the first ancestor that I found in the census. Having and unusual name, although there are miss spellings and somewhere along the way an ‘e’ was added to LOADS, makes it easy to follow the family history trail.

The shipping records for South Australia told us that the Edward Waller LOADES was a carpenter, was from Middlesex and that he arrived in Adelaide in 1855 with his wife Jane and children Hannah, Mary Ann, Harriet and Edward. The 1851 census had the family intact living in Saint John’s Square Clerkenwell. More importantly it confirmed that Edward senior was born in Norfolk in Yarmouth and Jane was from Kent.

The hint for Great Yarmouth, Norfolk led to the parish records being studied. While not all the records were indexed, all the records were available to be searched at Family Search.

The census records allowed us to place the family in Great Yarmouth from the early 1800’s. A search of the records show that LOADS or LOADES is a name that is common around the Norfolk area, although no connections have been made. The birth of Edward LOADES father is still a brick wall, we can trace him back to Yarmouth where he completed his apprenticeship as a carpenter and also where he married Harriett BELL. What is missing is both his birth and death records. He is also not present in the 1851 and his wife Harriett is in the workhouse in Clerkenwell.

Census records help us to confirm and determine but the unknown. Having an uncommon name helps to make the search a much easier one. Oh that the census records of Australia were no destroyed.


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