52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – A Photo


The 3 photos above show four generations of the LOADES family riding or playing on motorbikes. A coincidence or a trait, who knows?


Poppa motorbike

It is a photo of my grandfather Edward Waller LOADES known as Ted. The photo would have been taken sometime in the latter half of the 1930’s.  Ted was born in 1889 to Edward Waller LOADES and Margaret Ann REED. He was the youngest child of 6 children. On his return from the first world war he married Jessie May HALL and had 4 boys. He along with his wife was killed in a car accident in 1941.


Father motor bike
Neddy LOADES with his brothers Ron and Ken

The oldest of the three boys on the motorbike is my father Edward Waller LOADES known as Neddy he was born in 1928. his 2 younger brother Ronald James LOADES born 1932 and Kenneth Charles LOADES born in 1936. As Ken is in the photo we can assume that the photo was taken around 1938 and likely on the same day as the top photo. My father Neddy liked to ride motorbikes. My mother always tells the story of my father, her and the 2 eldest of their children going to Yorke Peninsula for a wedding on a motorbiked and side car.

ned motorbike
Ned LOADES with his daughter

The last photo is of my brother Peter Edward Waller LOADES known as Ned with his daughter as they are going for a ride on her new motorbike.

Motorbikes continue to play a role in the life of member so of the LOADES family and provide a sense of commonality and shared interests with generations that have gone before us.

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  1. Wow, I wonder what happened to the four children after their parents died together in 1941? Maybe that will be another story on your blog.

    Fascinating how interests get passed down through the family – but not in mine – everyone has different interests to the previous generations.


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