The Art of Letter Writing

In the hidden box of treasures were at least 50 postcards. The majority of which were written to Eva Nosworthy. Eva was born Evangeline Jane NOSWORTHY in March 1867. She must have been a prolific leather or postcard writer when we see the number of cards she received and from a wide variety of people.

Letter to Miss Nosworthy from RN

Amongst the postcards were letters written to Eva signed from RN or sometimes Rose, my great grandmother. In 1903 Rose COOPER married Hebert Nosworthy, a younger brother of Eva’s. From the correspondence we can see that Rose and Eva developed had a friendship over time. Was this a friendship that was formed prior to the marriage or after we cannot say. Hebert and Rose were lived at Reedy Creek in their early years of marriage and Eva was lived on the family property at Albynside Lucindale. One card states “Come on Wednesday, if you can I will be pleased, but I am sorry that Herb will not be home…” suggesting that Eva spent time visiting family. On the same card we learn that the children have slight colds due to a change in the weather.

Post card sent to Eva for her birthday

Postcards seemed to be sent for a variety of purposes, to send greetings fro a birthday or Christmas or to provide news. We know from reviewing them that Eva moved from around the state and across the border staying with extended family. Cards have been sent to Kiama West, in Victoria and Yankalilla. She also stayed at Reedy Creek, one can only assume that she was there to look after the children. The postcard from Rose discusses that she was quite well and feeling at home now. Rose promised that she would send along the weekly budget on Thursday and was hoping that her little girls are happy. A look at the family tree suggests that this postcard could have been written around 1909, Rose and Herbert had their first son Francis Charles this year. He was born in Alberton. The postcard would suggest that Eva was looking after Phyllis and Gwen at the farm while their mother was in Adelaide awaiting the birth of their brother.

Postcards were of many various themes and pictures

The postcards provide a insight into the life of families at the start of the twentieth century, from fruit being delivered, to the weather, the travels and events that families attended. The themes of the postcards vary as well. They could be of sights in Adelaide or Australia or of famous people, of a religious nature, or photos of family members made into postcards. They certainly provide for interesting reading and an insight into the role of women.

Postscript: To preserve them acid free clear polypropylene postcard soft sleeves have been purchased to store them in an acid free cardboard box. Hopefully they will provide as much enjoyment for future generations. Will we have letters and postcards that will be shared and study in 110 years or have we lost the art of letter writing?

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