Bearded Mysteries

#52 ancestors 52 weeks – week 45

Within the albums belonging to Aunt Ett are photo upon photo of people who came before and whose name has been lost over time. Small hints may indicate where the photo was taken, the clothing can  provide us with another hint as to the time. The seriousness of the pose also indicates a time before.

The bearded mysteries all belong within the album, who are they and where did they come from.


We can assume that the people within the album were members of the NOSWORTHY Family as the photo album belonged to Esther Ann GOULD nee NOSWORTHY.


The NOSWORTHY Family arrived in South Australia in 1847 from Devon. We know that they corresponded with the family they left behind and would send photos home of the family.  The photo below was taken in Plymouth and we can only assume that it was an member of the Mary NOSWORTHY and William ELLIOT’s family who lived in Plymouth Devon


The sharing of these bearded mysteries did not result in the names of everyone in the photo album, but they did help to conform a family relationship with extended family members researching the NOSWORTHY tree.

The NOSWORTHY men were serious and successful farmers and business men. Many were preachers and strict Bible Christian Chapel members. this is evidence in their dress and demeanor in the photos.

Certainly, many had some wonderful beards that we rarely see today.

bearded 2


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