#52 Ancestor 52 Weeks – week 36

apprentice records
Certificate of Admission as Freeman [1]
The trade of carpenter was passed down through the LOADES family. Edward Waller LOADES born at the turn of the 19th century was apprenticed to Joseph Eastmure, Thomas Howes, Randal Hodkinson, John and Edward Wilcox Howes in Great Yarmouth. He completed his apprenticeship in 1820 and was admitted as a freeman of the borough in 1826.

Edward LOADES passed his skills onto his son also named Edward. No apprenticeship records exist, but his sons trade is confirmed by the 1841 and 51 census where he is listed a carpenter and also a joiner. The immigrant list for the Caroline also lists Edward as a carpenter. Edward LOADES also signed on as a the Schoolmaster on board the Caroline for the sum  of 5 pounds for the journey. One can only assume this helped to offset the cost of emigrating with a wife and children.

school master
The Schoolmaster – Caroline Ship Papers [2]


Edward and Jane LOADES moved to the Salisbury District around 1857 and through newspaper articles we see the establishment of Lambert and Loades as a building firm. Upgrades to building such Saint Johns Church and the Salisbury school were undertaken by the building firm who had a workshop in Johns Street Salisbury.

Saint Johns Church, Salisbury [3]
loades and lambert
Tender Accepted [4]
The tender for the school house by Loades and Lambert was granted. Edward LOADES went from being a carpenter joiner to being a carpenter builder and then was listed just as a builder.

The local papers also inform us that Edward passed on his skills and knowledge to at least two of his son’s John Henry and William Richard. John Henry lists his work on the voting register as a carpenter. At one John Henry was living and working in the Wirrabara Forrest. The LOADES family at the time had holdings there. On Edward’s death both John Henry and William Richard were gifted his carpentry tools to share equally and alike. His will also suggest that weaving must have been another occupation as these materials were gifted to his daughter Mary Ann Siviour.

Through three generations the work of carpentry was followed by the LOADES family. If this skill came from an earlier generation this is not known as the parents of Edward LOADES who was a Freeman of the City of Yarmouth has never been confirmed. His son Edward while following in his footsteps also undertook a few side steps to ensure a better life for his self and his family. The move to South Australia enabled to family to undertake a range of careers, although some of them did follow in the footsteps of their father and grandfather.


[1] Admission papers Freeman of Borough of Great Yarmouth. Freemen’s admission rolls, 1706-1848 (Y/C 22/1-32) Nofolk Record Office

[2] Immigrants ships papers (deaths and births on board), GRG35_48_2_10_1855-Caroline, 1 Jan-31 Dec 1855 accessed

[3] Saint John’s Church, Salisbury. Photo of the author

[4] TENDERS ACCEPTED. (1876, October 6). South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA : 1839 – 1900), p. 7. Retrieved September 8, 2018, from

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