Where There’s a Will #52ancestors

I have written an earlier post called “Contesting a Will” that people may like to read. The will that was contested was that belonging to Edward Waller LOADES. It was one of three wills that I applied for and received from the Courts in Adelaide in 2012.

Wills can be succinct or rich sources of information. The will of Edward Waller LOADES provided an insight into the life of the LOADES family after they arrived in South Australia in 1855.

Edward LOADES and his wife Jane LAWRENCE emigrated to South Australia in 1855. They arrived on the Caroline with their four children Mary Ann Harriett, Hannah Jane, Harriet Waller, and Edward Waller. Two more children were born in South Australia John Henry and William Richard. When Edward Loades passed away in 1888 he was survived by Mary Ann, Edward, John and William.

In the 33 years that he was in the colony of South Australia his will informs us that he became a prosperous man. He had property at Salisbury, Woodville, Dry Creek, Yatala North, Munno Para and Saint Kilda. He also had shares in what was to become Silver Mine Barrier Ranges Broken Hill Proprietary Company.

Of more interest are the heirlooms that have since been lost to time including: a silver snuff box, gold Oddfellows medal, silver plate watches and trinkets. None of these items exist within the family today but all are indications of man of good means, who had worked hard and was able to use his skills as a carpenter and builder to become a prosperous member of the community.


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