What Passenger Lists Can Tell Us


State Archives have now digitized their official assisted passenger lists. Using the index you can then search for different family members and the ships that they arrived on when emigrating to South Australia. The alphabetical index is available from 1845 to 1886. Using the index you can then download and search the shipping records for each of the ship. Using the shipping lists and records is not new for many of us. Having the luxury to search at home with records on the internet gives us the leisure to look for connections.

The LOADES family arrived on the Caroline in 1855. We know that Edward was a carpenter and his wife Jane and four children Mary Ann 11,  Hannah 9, Harriet 7 and Edward 4 emigrated with him. But who else was on board the Caroline?


Two families attracted my attention when reviewing the list, the BLUNTS and TILBROOK.


James BLUNT was a bricklayer emigrating with him was his wife Mary Jane and daughter Mary.  Mary Jane BLUNT married Edward LOADES after the death of his wife Jane, she was widowed earlier. As James was a bricklayer we could surmise that his skills were useful to a carpenter and a friendship or acquaintance was made on board and continued when they arrived in the colony.

Tilbrook William

William TILBROOK and his young family were also on board the Caroline. William came from Helions Bumpstead in Essex/Suffolk. Two brother and a sister from the family of Robert TILBROOK and Amelia HANNIBAL. Shortly after William arrived on the Caroline his elder brother Charles arrived on the Punjab in 1855. His sister Harriet TILBROOK and her husband John COOPER and family arrived in South Australia in 1859. John is my mother’s second great grandfather.

One can only wonder is Edward or his family knew and socialized with William and his family while traveling to the colony. Yet here we are 162 years later and the use of old records allows us to see where and how connections could or may have been made


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